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Founded around 1920 by the German industrialist Carles Faust, the Mar i Murtra botanical garden is home to a wide variety of plants from all over the world and its mission is to increase and spread knowledge of Mediterranean plants and landscapes, as well as to preserve the flora threatened and endangered.

Currently it is one of the most important in Europe, both for the number of plants that grow outdoors (about three thousand species), as well as for its extension (sixteen hectares) and the large influx of visitors, which some year have exceeded the medium million.

In addition to the botanical garden, the founder created a research center: the International Station of Mediterranean Biology, a pioneer in the State for innovative work in the fields of evolutionary biology and molecular systematics of Mediterranean plants. Scientific expeditions to different regions of the world have contributed a good part of the garden plants. The rest has been achieved through exchanges with other botanical gardens around the world.

The tour of the main garden path takes about an hour and is full of beautiful viewpoints over the Mediterranean. The plants are distributed according to scientific criteria, but also aesthetic. Poetry can even be found in various intimate corners of the garden.

Bust de Carl Faust
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